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a year ago
- tinger m
a year ago
- Andrew S


The employees are  putting this out 

Because our Courts do not follow the Law, of the City, Police, Animal Control and the Fire Department and Building Dept.

Help us bring in Fair and Honest Courts   
  [For everyone in Canada]

Canada's oligopolistic wholesale gasoline and diesel market has the characteristics of a natural monopoly 

Contrary to claims made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau And Alberta politicians, the commission found the volume of refined products moving on 

In a speech to the Toronto Board of Trade  Rachel Notley  said Alberta is            Essentially giving oil away for free’ 

Alberta’s oil and gas companies have figured out how to pull off  

 {"this is absolutely killing Canada,”}

Western oil sands bitumen have fallen so far that many Canadian producers are 

“They don’t have to even upgrade or refine any of our heavy crude. 
All they do is put it through a pipeline to the USA.
Put it on a tanker or ship it back to us at Full Market Price

It's Bankruptcy in Canada and Incredibly Profitable in USA

Yet Suncor, CNRL, Cenovus, Imperial and Husky have remained 

Canada has all this Oil,  Deposit #3  (production #6)

Most of the benefits go to Foreign Entities and Big Businesses 
 Investors only care about their bottom line they do not live here so
Today the Alberta Tar Sands have been dubbed the largest And most destructive  Industrial project in human history

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled Owners must deal with old oil wells  

The government has only collected $1.6 billion in liability security from companies so the governing Alberta NDP and the official Opposition
Granted Owners until after 2100 to figure out how to clean up their tailings and reclaim the land.
Stephen Harper signed treaties with China to insure that China got a pipeline build one is called the

We already have a pipeline to 

Because of "Air Barrels"
“Virtually no exports go to any markets other than the U.S.,” 

The government estimates Alberta is losing 
$80 million a day due to discounts, 
[To Fight "Air Barrels"]
Rachel Notley said Alberta is buying train cars                      [To Fight "Air Barrels"]
When Oil & Gas production goes up, royalties go down

1 / We're going to work to make sure that we're creating a system
2 / Where Canadians have no say over the pipeline or oil sands
3 / Where you don't have to pass a law to get a pipeline built, 
4 / You don't have to buy an energy project in order to de-risk it,

Oil and gas companies owe Albertans $20 million in unpaid land rents
Landowners apply to a government tribunal  ,
Called the     Surface Rights Board 
The Government steps in and pays the rent using taxpayer money. 

Rather than creating money through the Bank of Canada interest-free.
Canadian taxpayers have paid over ($1,100,000,000,000) in interest ,
Essentially a payment of interest on interest on interest on the federal debt to                The Private Sector 

To understand how ridiculous the present situation is, 
Consider the Auditor General of Canada report 
That this is insane this has to end
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